Things to Consider If the Psychic Is Not Genuine

PsychicLet’s start with the scam. It is a daring way to get as much money as possible, and since it is a systematic form of fraud, scammers have their ways to select their targets for exploitation. They often take advantage of us, for example, by gaining our personal information or misusing our weakness or might say ignorance. When we are under the pressure of facing the unknown, we used to turn to religion or any possible means to ask and answer the big WHY? As popular culture dictates, movies and television offer helpful guidance by advertising psychics who are fit to answer our odd inquiries. You need to understand that some fake psychics who work online or by phone are highly skilled business people.

A psychic reading makes up a 22-billion-dollar-a-year industry. This industry draws in customers and keeps them paying for guidance from strangers who sell themselves—without any proof—as specially gifted beings with answers about the unknown and the future. It is not to say that all psychics are fake, and although there are misconceptions about psychics, it is a precaution that we must be aware of when we have to deal with them.

Using Fraudulent Lines

Fake psychics (be they shamans, clairvoyants, mediums, seers, numerologists, intuitive astrologers, and rune readers) will feed their clients with these classic lines like “I have never seen a chart (or numbers, or an aura) like yours…you are exceptional”; or “I sense a dead person is trying to contact you.”; or “Love and money are coming your way, but you need me to guide you and tell you what to do and when.” They usually make claims that, in general, could also be applied to anyone. It is a trick that fake psychics use. Making such statements makes you believe that they have access to wonderful insights when they are just telling you what you want to hear, and doing it in a way that you won’t notice the trick. It would make the clients believe them and would pay to hear more.

Giving Irrelevant Info

scammerPeople who see a psychic are not reluctant in the first place, which is easy for the fake psychic to get a client to play along with. By extracting information, the counterfeit psychics would say that the messages they get can be vague and say they need help to understand why they are important. If the client agrees, there you go! Another thing to remember is that some psychics often talk slow because they wait for how the client will react whenever they convey statements. Even when someone is not speaking, the simple shifting movements in body language, the facial expression will surely help the psychic to know if they are on the right track. By the end of the “show,” the poor client has revealed anything that a psychic needs to know, and from that point, the client is ready to believe. This trick usually works on the clients who are troubled or, I say, “desperate.”

Learning Everything Ahead of Time

Fake physics working with a large group of people have it quite easy. A trick they often applied is to select a subject of their “reading” ahead of time, spotting to someone they know to focus on. Then, they will have more time to check for clues that will help them get a sense of who they are dealing with. And if possible, they would try to get others in the crowd to have a conversation with this particular target beforehand, gathering more information as possible.