Things You Need to Know About Common Employee Benefits

Whether you are starting your first job or looking for a new one, it is important to take into consideration the benefits that each company offers like the employee benefits in the Tampa Bay area. You have to incorporate the benefits into your salary consideration, as you might be astounded a lesser paying job with excellent benefits can put you financially ahead of a higher paying job. Starting a new job is a wonderful time to establish good financial habits, and here are some of the most typical employee benefits that you need to understand before applying.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most common benefit. Typically, your company will pay the amount of one year’s salary and offer you the opportunity to purchase additional coverage. This is a great benefit and will help your loved ones pay for funeral expenses should you retire. You should be prepared to name a lien when you fill out your initial paperwork. To do this, you will need the social security number of the person you want to leave money to. Start by buying term life insurance individually on your primary policy. In case your state prevents you from accessing life insurance, you can decide to make the most of the amount you have while you work.

Health Insurance

medicalHealth insurance is another common benefit. Many companies have different policies regarding eligibility for health insurance; if you are working full-time you qualify for this benefit. Some companies will fully insure you, and also allow you to find insurance for your loved ones. Other companies will allow you to pay a premium through you and your loved ones. Some companies will allow you to cover your partner as well.


You should consider the out-of-pocket costs as well the premium costs when comparing health insurance benefits. Companies must offer health insurance programs that meet the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act. It is often cheaper to buy insurance through your own company, but you can save money by purchasing individual health insurance for your family. If you do, make sure the policies meet Affordable Care Act guidelines.


Employer Match

Another great benefit is the employer match. Many employers will match your 401K contributions up to a certain percentage of your salary. This is something you should take advantage of because it will increase your savings and earning potential. In case you leave the company before vesting the 401K program, the amount your employer contributed will be reduced. Your human resources representative will tell you exactly how long you have to work to become immortal. You want to produce an effort to always pay the amount that fits your organization because it doubles your gifts there.

Paid Vacation and Sick Time

Paid vacation and sick days are other great benefits. You usually create a set number for every month of work. Now it will accumulate as a potential function. Many companies also grant additional days once you reach five or even more than ten years. When changing roles, consider the scenarios you can give up concerning seniority. Also when you leave, your company should pay you for the sick days and vacation days that you have accrued, but not used.

Stock Options

Your company may also offer stock options. Stock options allow you to buy the stock at a set price. There is a waiting period set by the company to see if you can trade the stock. Typically, you get the stock options at a lower price and then trade them when they are worth more. Using stock options is a great way to improve your savings and a wonderful benefit that some startups provide. Another common benefit is a flexible spending account. These are regulated by the police, so the fundamentals are the same across the board. Flexible spending accounts are an effective way to reduce your gross income, so you should take advantage of them if possible. In addition to those mentioned above, your employer may offer other insurance options like dental, vision, and disability insurance.