How To Buy an Affordable Scooter

Scooters are not as expensive as automobiles, but they can still be significantly expensive. If you are shopping for one, you are definitely on the lookout for best scooters.  Price is an important factor when looking for the best scooter available.

Buy an affordable scooter

1. Consider a non-motorized scooter

Scooters without an engine are the most affordable of all. They comprise of a deck where one places the feet and a handlebar. The difference between this type of scooter and a bike is that it has no seat and a chain on the wheels. However, these scooters are less bulky than bicycles and can be used on footwalks and crowded streets.


They are also more portable, and some can be folded up for easy storage. Non-motorized scooters are appropriate for relatively short distances usually less than 5 kilometers. They can attain a speed faster than walking and can be a fun way of moving around. For propulsion, they require a rider to physically push occasionally with one leg.

2. Go for a small engine capacity

The bigger the engine capacity of a scooter, the steeper the price. There are three classifications of scooters based on engine capacity; those with less than 50cc, those with more than 50cc but not more than 250cc and then, those with more than 250cc. Scooters with less than 50cc engine capacity are commonly referred to as mopeds and cost much less than $1000. Smaller engine scooters are also cheaper to run and maintain. The only trade off is speed and the power of the engine.

3. Consider a second-hand scooter

Second-hand scooters can cost as little as half the cost of a new one although this depends on with the mileage and the condition of the vehicle. Buying a second-hand scooter is a good idea especially for those people seeking an affordable vehicle. You can get a reputable model with a good engine capacity at a bargain and at the same time benefit from modifications or accessories the former owner may have added to the scooter.

However, buying a second-hand scooter has its risks. For example, some internal parts may be badly worn-out, but this may not be apparent at the time of the purchase. You may, later on, incur heavy replacement costs. Also, you will most likely not get a warranty; you will have to bear any faults that come with the scooter.

electric scooter

4. Go for a less known brand

There is a peace of mind that comes with buying a well-known brand; however, you will most certainly pay more for a popular brand than for a less known one. Even though well-established companies are known to stick to high-quality standards, other gems may lie elsewhere.

With modern inventions and affordability of new technology, new companies in countries like China and Japan are building and availing very reliable brands in the market at much lesser costs than traditional brands. However, before you commit yourself to a less known brand, do some research and read online reviews to be sure about what you are getting yourself into.